Week Ten

Here’s a photo of Minibel’s progress so far…

Growing in the 3inch Grodan rockwool cube with only Wilco’s liquid feed and tap water adjusted to a pH between 6.0 and 6.5.

The fluctuation in pH is good because it will take in the widest range of nutrients, over a given period.

The leaves are looking a nice medium to dark green and I will reduce the balanced feed of the wilco product and introduce a tomato feed to increase flower and fruit production as soon as it sets its first few flowers.

I’ll start with a 50/50 mix of Wilco’s balanced feed and liquid tomato feed. I’m not using the expensive stuff but just a bottle of any old tomato food off the shelf of a discount store.

The purpose is to show (hopefully) that a dwarf tomato plant can be grown hydroponically using only modest supplies – so far so good!

It hasn’t had any added calcium at all … only the very high calcium carbonate from my tap water. I live in a high pH water area!

When mixing nutrients, add each one to the water separately, rather than mixing them undiluted then adding them to the water – we don’t want any sudden surprises!!!

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