Week Six – Adult Feed

It’s time to start feeding our seedlings with the Wilco feed at double the strength recommended on the packet. Double strength is 4ml per litre.

As I mention a week or two ago, plants grown hydroponically should receive twice the strength of nutrients than we would give to soil grown plants. Don’t forget to adjust the pH.

Keep an eye on the new growth at the growing tip – this will reflect the the amount of nutrients the plant is receiving.

If after a week or so, the new growth is pale green, increase the nutrient strength. If dark green, try reducing the nutrient strength slightly.

Minibel dwarf variety in rockwool with home made cover.

A grower from Holland once told me that plants speak to us through their leaves – albeit with a slight delay! If we can understand what the plant is saying and respond correctly, we’ll have a happy plant and a happy grower too!

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    Will commence Wilco nutrient on Monday having just fed first feed yesterday.
    Very interesting newsletter it’s a pity I cannot start mine due to my garden shed filling up the space in the greenhouse. So it will have to be grafted plants later.
    Have a good Easter and only eat fresh eggs

    Ken Holmes

    • Nick
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      Hi Ken, you have a good Easter too – most of the eggs in my house are made of chocolate!

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