Tomato Newsletter Week Nine

There seems to be more and more products on the market these days for us tomato growers! This week I would like to discuss the benefits of the Quadgrow Planter and Yoyo plant supports.

In newsletter week six, there are plans on how to make a single plant reservoir system, but here is an overview of a four plant system.

I’ve been using the Quadgrow Planter for about five seasons and I am very impressed with it.

Comprising of four pots that sit on a reservoir of water and nutrients. The Quadgrow has the following benefits when compared to standard pots and grow bags.

Quadgrow Planter

Quadgrow System

  • Keeps soil constantly moist – from reservoir below.
  • Avoids over or under watering – plants absorb water as they need it.
  • Avoids over or under feeding – nutrients are added to reservoir and nutrients are constantly available to plants.
  • Ideal for holiday breaks – it is very reliable and the 30 litre reservoir can be extended by adding a holiday watering kit.

Ordinary Pots and Grow Bags

  • Plants need to be watered every day – more in hot weather.
  • When soil is dry, a good watering can cause tomato split.
  • Soil that is under or over watered can cause nutrient deficiency including Blossom End Rot.
  • Soil that is too wet can cause poor root development and disease.

If I had to put into one sentence the most important tip for success, it would be “provide access to water and nutrients 24/7”.

The Quadgrow eliminates some of the biggest issues when growing tomatoes and has many of the same benefits that professional growers enjoy – namely, a regular supply of water and nutrients that are accessed by plants as they require them – without having the soil, or other growing medium saturated with water.

This produces healthier and quicker growing tomato plants and therefore, a harvest of quality tomatoes earlier in the season compared to conventional pots and grow bags.

The Quadgrow system is easy to set up with plenty of guidance on how to mix and apply the nutrients that are included.

The reservoir, feeder tray and pots are all strongly made and should last for a good number of seasons, returning the cost of the item and the time involved with a successful harvest each season.

With the Quadgrow planter system, you will be able to achieve maximum results for the minimum amount of time spent – I highly recommend it, and so do a number of newsletter readers who use one.

If you are interested in buying a Quadgrow, here are two discount codes below.

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The Yoyo Plant Support

YoYo plant supports are a very useful device for the tomato grower.

They are quicker to set up than canes or string and plants can be tied-up easily, quickly and safely – no broken string and let-downs in the middle of the night!

If you use two or three per plant, you won’t need to wind the nylon line around the stem – just attach it below a leaf joint.

Because the nylon is about the same thickness as fishing line, and quite thin, it may cut into a tomato plant if wrapped around the stem of a heavy fruit laden plant.

For those who like to wrap around the stem for extra support, I suggest using nylon string.



YoYo and tomato plantUsing these supports, plants are best grown at a slight angle – for extra stem length and more trusses – before reaching the greenhouse roof!

Another use is to support individual trusses of heavy fruit. Large varieties can produce very heavy trusses when the stem of a truss can no longer support the weight of tomatoes. Yoyos are ideal for supporting individual trusses.




Plant It YOYO

Benefits of YoYo Plant Supports for Tomato Plants:

  • Automatically adjusts to your plant’s height – up to 170cm
  • Easily attaches at both top and bottom
  • Stronger than string so less likely to break
  • Easier to clean and sterilize than cane supports
  • Can be re-used season after season
  • Maximize the amount of trusses on your plants by growing your tall varieties at an angle
  • Support individual trusses to prevent them from being pulled off of plants by the weight of tomatoes.
  • As a plant grows, the YoYo contracts and is self adjusting.
  • It also includes a brake device for manual setting.

The only down-side of the Yoyo is that the spring tension can go after a season or two, but it can still be used and adjusted manually.

That’s two products, the Quadgrow Planter and Yoyo Plant Support that you may be interested in using this season.

I hope that your young plants are healthy and vigorous!



14 Responses

  1. Peter b
    | Reply

    Hi I cannot see yo yo plant support on harrod site.can you guide me to them please.

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Peter, The Harrods website is for the Quadgrow Planters. I have one set of Yoyos left, if you are interested please email me [email protected].

  2. Bob Ashlin
    | Reply

    Hi Nick
    Seen a couple of youtube videos that say these quadrow planters become slug hotels under the pots and in the reservoir. Have you had this problem?
    Bob Ashlin

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Bob,
      I’ve not had this problem – it is important to clean the Quadgrow thoroughly at the beginning of each season and make sure that the reservoir is light-proof.

  3. Robert Smith
    | Reply

    Hi Nick interested in the mention of “air stones” as per use in the quadgrow watering units, could you please advise how these are used, many thanks.

    • Nick
      | Reply

      It is just the same as a fish tank pump and air stone – adding extra oxygen to the reservoir increases vigour and yield.
      It need not be on 24/7, you could have it on a timer but the more oxygen the roots have access to, the better.

  4. Valerie
    | Reply

    Nick I would like a pack of yo yos.Was considering buying some anyway.Please message me with details etc if possible.Thank you.

  5. Alex Lindsay
    | Reply

    Hi Nick
    Thanks for an informative news letter. Regarding the quadgrows, I have been using them for many years and have found that if you are fortunate to have power it makes quite a difference to put a 50w heater set at 21c along with an airpump and airstone. You will be amazed at the difference to the yield as the roots fill the containers.

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your advice about the heater and airstone. I know that the people who sell the Autopot system are using airstones to increase the yield … adding a heater too is an excellent idea!

  6. Jess Allaway
    | Reply

    Hi Nick, on your recommendation a few years ago I bought some yo-yo plant supports and I can say I would hate to be without them now. I discovered there are two types. Some I bought as “top ups” we’re, like my originals, self-retracting but they didn’t have the useful locking pin to stop them fully extending when supporting a heavy truss. I sometimes used them to hold up a softer (wider) “sling” round heavy trusses which were in danger of snapping and that proved quite successful. Here’s hoping I’ll need plenty of slings this year! Cheers.

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Jess, I’m pleased you found the yoyos helpful – I’ve got plenty of packs left from a trade box I bought some seasons ago. If anybody wants a pack of eight yoyos I can let them have them at a reduced price! [email protected]

      • Jess Allaway
        | Reply

        Can I buy two packs please Nick. I was meaning to get a few more to replace some which got damaged and to have some more this season. Let me know cost, postage and how to pay. Those shown on the newsletter look like they have bigger hooks than the ones I have, which is good. Many thanks.

  7. Andrew bradwell
    | Reply

    Have you tried other feeds with the quad grow, or just their own? I find measuring and mixing a bit of a pain

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Andrew, other liquid feeds will work too – especially the hydroponic feeds – but it is possible to use Tomorite.

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