Intro To Hydroponics

Growing a dwarf variety on the windowsill without soil.

The aim of this intro to hydroponics “grow-along” is to have some fun and learn a few things about how tomato plants grow. We’ll grow a dwarf variety indoors on the windowsill without using soil or traditional compost.

This means that the plant we grow from seed, needs all its nutrients from us. Usually the soil provides most of the nutrition and we top-up the most needed nutrients as plants begin to fruit.

You will need:

Minibel seeds – a dwarf variety available from Wilco’s, any dwarf variety will be fine.

For germination, coir plug pellets, also available from Wilco’s.

After 4 or 5 weeks, perlite and lemon juice!

Alternatives and Options

Sweet ‘n’ Neat, Heartbreaker, Vilma, Tiny Tim, Tom Thumb, and Balconi Red/Yellow – any dwarf variety!

Rootit Sponges, sowing in perlite or vermiculite will be fine too.

Final planting in vermiculite, rehydrated coir block, rockwool block or perlite as stated above.

The lemon juice is used to reduce the pH of our tap water. Other acids may be used but it’s best to use lemon juice because I can give you the amount necessary (in drops per litre) to reduce the pH to the right levels, of the tap water in your area.

This page will grow as the weeks progress and we’ll sow starting next week. You can follow along any time up to the end of April.

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    I’m ready, shopping list obtained and eagerly awaiting your first lesson.


    Ken Holmes

    • Nick
      | Reply

      If you would like to send me your address through [email protected] I’ll put a sachet of nutrient feed in the post to you – unless you already have some of course!

  2. Ken Holmes
    | Reply

    Good idea Nick, I had the impression you were a traditional Gardner. I have grown lettuces in a DWC setup and enjoyed it very much. I will join in because tomatoes need more care with regard to ph and ppm

    • Nick
      | Reply

      It is going to be a bit “hit and miss” without the pH and EC meters but we should have some fun and hopefully achieve good results!

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