Week Eleven

A Flush Through

Every few weeks, it’s good to give the growing media a flush through with tepid tap water – preferably at the correct pH.

This removes any build up or crystallization of nutrients. The plant that’s just been flushed will be quite happy for a day or two without feed.

An EC Meter

An EC meter is great but reading the leaves (or the leaf colour) also works – albeit with several days delay!

Even the most professional setup relies on the way plants look as well as the technical tables of a feeding plan.


A reminder that we are feeding double the amount, in strength, than the dose recommended on the Wilco container.

So 15ml into 7 litres of water, works out at about 2ml per litre. Then double so: x2 = 4ml per litre. You could make up a litre and water as necessary.

You’ll need to work out the tomato feed amounts (for the 50/50 feed) depending on the packet instructions. Have a litre of this made up so it can be added with the Wilco feed – it will save a lot of time!

Not only is it best practice to keep feeds separate until given to the plants, it also means we can vary 50/50 to 30/70 etc.- when required.

Next Season

Next season we’ll try a tall, indeterminate variety – I wonder how much rockwool we’ll need for that?

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