Week Seven – Early Growth

Soil Grown

When young tomato plants are potted into new compost, they get a nutrient rush, especially a burst of nitrogen.

As time goes on and soil loses its nutrient content, growth slows and added nutrients are required in the form of tomato food.

Hydroponically Grown

Using the hydroponic method, young plants are only given the amount of nutrients they need.

Comparing the two methods, soil grown plants may look more leafy at the early stage because of the amount of nutrients they have received. However, as hydroponically grown plants mature, they are less likely to become over leafy with issues of delayed flower buds and fruit setting.

Sometimes hydroponically grown plants can look a bit underfed early on, if you are used to growing plants in soil, but because they have been fed consistantly, at the correct rate, they do better (probably) in the long run.

This week … keep feeding the Wilco feed and note the colour of new growth.

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