This should do the trick!
This should do the trick!

Below are links to the various tests and growth comparisons that are being undertaken by members of the newsletter and myself.

There’s nothing better than first hand experience when growing tomatoes – rather than manufacturer’s hype!

We hope that these modest tests will be of help to all those who grow tomatoes and help make each season a great success!

Test Area Growth Comparisons

Test One
To compare the results of germinating and growing seedlings in the following media:

  • Seed compost
  • Seed compost with vermiculite 50/50
  • Seed compost with perlite 50/50

Germination and Compost for Tomatoes


Test Two
Another seed/seedling test to compare the results of using:

  • Value seed compost
  • John Innes seed compost
  • Jiffy peat pellets
  • Root-it sponges

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Test Three
Spraying plants with liquid seaweed extract at various intervals.

Four groups of plants are sprayed at the following intervals:

  1. No treatment
  2. Daily
  3. Every three days
  4. Weekly

The plants are sprayed from the first true leaf stage.

This test is being carried out by Rhys Jagger.

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Test Four
Grow light test – charting the progress of seedlings growing under a home made reflector and low wattage lighting.

This test is being carried out by Alan Box.

Grow Light Test



If you are doing a test comparison and would like to share your progress and results, please contact me below.

[email protected]