Seed Germination – Week Two

A week after sowing we should begin to see our seedlings germinate.

Temperature has a big effect on germination times. At a warm 24C in the airing cupboard, it can be as quick as four to five days.

In a cold room or out in the greenhouse, germination could take as much as two weeks. If you have to wait longer than two weeks, there’s probably a problem and you’ll need to sow a new batch of seeds

Seedlings in Rockwool Cubes, Jiffys and Sponges.

The seedlings above are all dwarf varieties producing a nice stocky stem early in their growth. Little fear of them becoming leggy!

Next week we are going to give the seedlings a feed if growing in a Jiffy pellet. For those growing in rockwool and sponges they should be fed at every watering.

If you have Rootit First Feed then by all means use that. Otherwise stick to the “common stuff” and use Wilco’s liquid feed.

This will be given at 1ml per half litre and also reduce the pH of your tap water if necessary (see pH article).

To sum up

Nothing to do this week except wait for the seedlings to germinate and put them in a light position when they come through.

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    Thanks Nick, I will do as recommended,
    Rhys advised that he has been using Rootit first feed over a few years, so I’m also grateful for his response.



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    All seeds germinated and now ensuring that the seedlings are hydrated.
    I have rootit first feed but it is a few years old, would you recommend using this in preference to the Wilco’s liquid feed that I purchased last week. Looking forward to your choice of pot for the transplant.



    • Nick
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      Hi Ken,

      I would highly recommend Rootit First Feed – it should last ok if its not been in a hot place for too long.
      You can use the Wilco feed later as plants mature.

      I tend to pot up into a 4 inch pot once the roots are escaping the Jiffy or other media, or plant in the hole of a rockwool block. There are so many options growing hydroponically – it’s great fun!


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