Tomato Tips and Taste

August Jobs Sometimes those green tomatoes look as if they’ll never ripen! Here are a few tips to help them along … Tall Varieties Remove all leaf branches below the first truss Pinch out the main growing tip above four … Read More

Growing Tips July

Growing tips at the end of July At this time of the season, most of us will be looking at our plants and seeing two things – Lots of flowers and growing fruit Quite a few discoloured leaves and marks … Read More

More Tomato Tips

The Tomato RaceTwo weeks ago I reported that Red Alert was slightly ahead of Stupice and Latah. This week I can report that Stupice and Latah have over-taken Red Alert and both have tomatoes that are turning red. Red Alert … Read More

Topical Tomato Tips

We’re now about halfway through the season and plants should be flowering and setting fruit. Tomato Cuttings This week I’ve removed some rather long side shoots which I’ve decided to use as cuttings and create a few more plants – … Read More

Pollinating Tomato Flowers

Help with Pollinating Tomato Flowers… Shake, tap, flick and mist with water are the first things to do to encourage flowers to set fruit. However, there are times when it seems to take forever for those pea-sized baby toms to … Read More

Tips For This Week

This has been a fabulous week for growing tomatoes because of the sunny weather that we’ve had here in the UK. If you’re not in the UK, I hope you’ve had good weather too! Garden fleece which is usually used … Read More

Your Tomato Tips and Suggestions

It’s always good to hear from fellow tomato growers and I’ve received some brilliant advice over the years from people who have contacted me with helpful tomato tips and suggestions. With that thought in mind, if you have something to … Read More

Tomato Frequently Asked Questions & Common Problems

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, mainly about tomato problems and some of the difficulties faced by gardeners throughout the season. Q. Should I Remove Side Shoots? Side shoots are removed from tall varieties (in photo below) … Read More

YoYo Plant Supports

YoYo plant supports are one of the most useful devices for the tomato grower. YoYo’s are better than canes or string and plants can be tied-up easily, quickly and safely – no broken string and let-downs in the middle of … Read More

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