YoYo Plant Supports

YoYo Plant Supports

YoYo plant supports are one of the most useful devices for the tomato grower.

YoYo’s are better than canes or string and plants can be tied-up easily, quickly and safely – no broken string and let-downs in the middle of the night!

.Benefits of YoYo Plant Supports for Tomato Plants:

  • Automatically adjusts to your plant’s height – up to 170cm
  • Easily attaches at both top and bottom
  • Stronger than string so less likely to break
  • Easier to clean and sterilize than cane supports
  • Can be re-used season after season
  • Support and train your tomato plants like the professionals
  • Maximize the amount of trusses on your plants by growing your tall varieties at an angle
  • Support individual trusses to prevent them from being pulled off of plants by the weight of tomatoes.
  • As a plant grows, the YoYo contracts and is self adjusting.
  • It also includes a brake device for manual setting.
YoYo and tomato plant

Hook around the main stem of a tomato plant, just below a leaf branch, using these supports and plants can be grown vertically or at a 45 degree angle for extra stem length and trusses – before reaching the greenhouse roof!


Plant It YOYO

If you would like to order a pack of 8 for your favourite tomato grower (or yourself!),

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