Growing Tomatoes on the Patio

When growing tomatoes on the patio, it’s important to choose varieties that are suitable for outdoor growing and mature early.

Grow Bags
Here I have planted two Sungold (cordon ) in a grow bag supported by canes up against a wall. In the middle I have sunk an empty pot into the grow bag so I can water the plants more easily.

Sungold Growing Tomatoes On The Patio

I kept the plants in their pots then planted the pots into the grow bag. The roots will grow through the holes in the bottom of the pots and into the grow bag. This helps stop the grow bag from drying-out too quickly as less compost is exposed. A few handfuls of perlite added to the bag also help to keep the compost moist.

Grow Bag Pots
Another method with grow bags is to use grow bag pots.

Grow Bag Pots

The pots are sunk into the grow bags and watered in the outer ring. The inner part of the pot, where the main stem grows, is where the plants are fed.

This enables the tap root to go down in search of water and the finer roots around the base of the stem are then able to absorb nutrients.

Large Pots and Containers

Large Tomato Pots On The Patio

Above I have planted two Tumbler (bush) in each pot which is about 16ins (40cm) across. They take pride of place on the garden seat … I’ll sit on the grass!

Large pots and containers are ideal for growing bush varieties which can trail over the sides of a large pot and keep the tomatoes off the ground where slugs and snails can get to the tomatoes more easily!

Hanging Baskets
Hanging baskets and Topsy Turvy planters can make a great display on the patio and very rewarding way to grow tomatoes.

However, planting too many plants in a hanging basket can reduce the amount of tomatoes you will eventually grow, not increase them, because there won’t be enough room for their roots.

Tomato Hanging Basket On The Patio

Furthermore, the more plants you have in a small area, the more regularly you will need to water because the soil will dry-out fast.

One way to help avoid this, is to add perlite and/or water retaining gel to the soil. A few sheets of newspaper put in the base of a hanging basket – before the soil goes in – also helps stop it drying out too quickly.

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