Each season I grow two windowsill varieties in the porch – this season it’s Sweet ‘n’ Neat yellow and Red Robin.

It’s great to show tomatoes growing to visitors who call in – even the tropical fish in the tank to the side pay an interest!

Tomato Red Robin

However, the aim is to find the best windowsill tomato out of the many that are available.
Windowsill varieties aren’t always the most prolific producers – numbers of toms can be few and sometimes the size can be a bit too small for practical use. Chasing a whole tomato around a plate that is too small to spike on the end of a fork is a bit frustrating! Of course taste also plays its role.

As you can see from the photo above, Red Robin is doing well. Its size is good for a windowsill variety and there are plenty of tomatoes on the plant.

The Sweet’n’Neat has produced less tomatoes (so far) but the taste is intense and similar to a Tumbling Tom yellow – it wouldn’t surprise me if Tumbling Tom yellow had a role in its breeding.

I think I’ve grown around eight windowsill varieties over the past few seasons and Vilma is still the one to beat for size and quantity, although Red Robin is showing results that are equally good.

Tomato Taste
It should be mentioned that taste changes from season to season – depending on growing conditions and nutrients used.

In my experience, the best tasting tomatoes have received plenty of sun, have not been over-watered and have received the right amount of quality nutrients.

Here are a few recommended varieties for growing in pots on a sunny windowsill.

  • Micro Tom
  • Vilma
  • Tom Thumb
  • Balconi Red and Yellow
  • Sweet ‘n’ Neat

I guess tomato size, numbers and taste would be more consistent if we grew our tomatoes in high-tech greenhouses using computers to administer the food, but where is the challenge or fun in that?

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  1. Bob Iles
    | Reply

    Hi Nick, I have grown Balconi this season in hanging baskets and they are really sturdy plants with lots of fruit, not really ripening yet though.

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Bob,
      They are really nice little plants and do well in small spaces. They need a bit more sun!

  2. Steve
    | Reply

    Hi Nick and all.

    I’ve given windowsill tomatoes a try for the first time this year and must say how pleased I am with them. The variety is “Minibel” and the seeds were from Wilkinsons and really cheap. The toms are approx. 30mm diameter and have that home grown taste that the supermarkets can’t achieve. I’ve tried to add a photo of the plant, but it may not work.


    Like we all do, I gave away my surplus plants and they are all doing well and impressing the growers. Definately one to add to next year’s list.


    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the info. on Minibel!

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