Tomato Tips for September

Topical Tomato Tips for September As we come to the time of the season when tomato plants are being stopped, albeit about six weeks later than most previous seasons, here are a few tips as the fruit begins to ripen. … Read More

How to Ripen Tomatoes

To encourage tomatoes to ripen on the vine. If the tomatoes on the lower trusses have reached their full size but are taking their time to ripen, there are a number of things you can do to help the process … Read More

Tomato Tips & Topical Talk

At this time of the season, most of us will be looking at our plants and seeing two things :     Lots of flowers and growing fruit     Quite a few discoloured leaves and marks that look worrying! Problems with … Read More

Taking Tomato Cuttings

Taking Tomato CuttingsThis week I’ve removed some rather long side shoots which I’ve decided to use as cuttings and create a few more plants – as if I had room for more! All you need to do is stand the … Read More

Three Tips For Top Tomatoes

These three tips for top tomatoes will keep your plants happy and ensure a successful crop of quality tomatoes.  Includes watering, feeding and keeping plants healthy. Don’t Over-WaterRoots need moisture and air to grow successfully – too much water in … Read More

Double Stem Technique for Tomatoes

The double stem technique for growing tall tomato varieties is when a side shoot is allowed to grow (on a cordon/indeterminate variety) and become a second main stem. This has the advantage of growing more trusses and at a lower … Read More

Cuttings from Tomato Plants

The great thing about taking cuttings from tomato plants is that you can easily increase the amount of plants you have, and of course, the amount of tomatoes you’ll get! It’s also very easy to do. Just remove a side … Read More

Three Tips for Growing Tomatoes

Three Top Tips For Success This Season Start with a variety that is popular and known to grow well in your area.If you live in Kent, UK, Moneymaker and Gardener’s Delight are safe choices – if you live in Kentucky, … Read More

Growing Tomatoes in Short Season Areas

It’s at this time of the season that I receive emails about the success’ and failures that people have experienced this year. It’s been a good season in my part of the world, mainly owing to a dryish summer and … Read More

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