Tomato Growing Notes

We’ve had a great season in the UK and apart from a wet spell in August, the summer has been dry and bright. Good weather enables us to focus more on growing techniques and performance rather than disease control. However, … Read More

Tips to Ripen Tomatoes

How to encourage tomatoes to ripen on the plant We’ve had a great season for growing tomatoes in he UK. I grew 106 plants, many of them cherry varieties with two or three main stems, and the number of tomatoes … Read More

Tomato Growing in the UK

Tomato growing in the UK on a commercial scale has always fascinated me. To spend all day among the tomato plants would be a great pleasure for many of us I would think. Among the places where tomatoes are grown … Read More

Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

This week I had the pleasure to meet Mark Ridsdill Smith who runs “Vertical Veg” a website that is about the art of growing vegetables in small spaces. He came to film the various ways I grow tomatoes and we … Read More

Tomato Growing Advice

[ezcol_3quarter] There is no doubt that the internet is a great place for information and sometimes misinformation! Here are few statements that are regularly given as tomato growing advice. Tomato plants need lots of water Tomato plants are hungry feeders … Read More

How To Take Tomato Cuttings

My favourite way how to take tomato cuttings is by removing shoots from bush varieties. One plant can give you several cuttings, each one a new tomato plant! This can be done quite early in the season with bush varieties … Read More

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