Growing Tomatoes On The Windowsill

To be able to pick tomatoes from a plant when growing tomatoes on the windowsill is a great achievement! There are a number of varieties around that have been specifically bred as windowsill tomatoes. Here are some of the things … Read More

Growing Tomatoes In Grow Bags

A grow bag is a mini garden in itself. It has many advantages over planting tomatoes directly in the soil or large container. Furthermore, growing tomatoes in grow bags is one of the most popular ways to grow tomatoes in … Read More

Advice On Growing Tomatoes

Tomato growing varies considerably from one region of the world to another. Therefore giving advice on growing tomatoes will be different too, depending on your region and growing conditions. Nick grows tomatoes in the UK both indoors and outdoors in … Read More

Hanging Basket Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes In Hanging Baskets The benefits of growing hanging basket tomatoes Hanging baskets and Topsy Turvy planters make a great display on the patio. Hanging baskets are off the ground and away from many of the diseases … Read More

The Oasesbox for Growing Tomatoes

The Oasesbox ideal for growing tomatoes plus other fruit vegetables and herbs. It is one of the best self watering planter (SWP), on the market. I recommend that a grow bag is placed on three Oasesboxes to increase soil volume … Read More

Best Self Watering Planter For Tomatoes

There are three contenders for the best self watering planter for tomatoes: Each has its pros and cons and I shall explain them in detail below. The Oasesbox It is recommended that a grow bag be placed on top of … Read More

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