Advice On Growing Tomatoes

Tomato growing varies considerably from one region of the world to another. Therefore giving advice on growing tomatoes will be different too, depending on your region and growing conditions.

Nick grows tomatoes in the UK both indoors and outdoors in conventional soil and potting compost. He also grows tomatoes hydroponically, using perlite, rockwool and coco-coir too.

He is always happy to answer questions related to tomatoes grown in climates similar to the UK.

Email address: [email protected]

Growing Tomatoes In Africa or India

If you are looking for advice and live in Africa or India for example, your growing methods will be very different.

You will need to grow varieties that can cope with your local conditions such as:

  • Wide ranging temperatures and inconsistent rainfall.
  • You will need to know the pests and diseases local to your area.
  • The soil types in your region if you plan to grow in soil.
Tomato Growing Advice

The best place to find out more is your nearest university horticultural department.

You could also find out which tomato varieties are best to grow in your area by visiting your local market, they will be on sale for sure!

Get in touch with local tomato growers and ask how they grow their tomatoes in your part of the world.

Search the internet for your growing tomatoes in your local area. For example, How to grow tomatoes in Uganda