From time to time, I get asked the question: “why grow tomatoes when you can buy them in a shop?”

Supermarket Tomatoes – all exactly the same size and tasteless!

The question is usually asked by someone who has never done any gardening and prompted when they find out how much time and money I spend!

Well, firstly it’s not just a hobby but a passion – even an obsession!

The remark that follows is something like … “you must like tomatoes an awful lot!”

That’s true, but the main reason I grow tomatoes, and why I think a lot of us do, is because we are interested in growing and tending the plants.

Watching the seeds germinate into seedlings, seeing them develop their first true leaves and become strong young plants. Then finally, their first flowers and fruit – it’s almost like being a parent. At this point some of you may think I’m slightly mad, while others will think it’s better than being a parent!

Whichever way we look at it, following the progress of a seed to a mature plant, which then delivers a bowl full of tomatoes, is an emotional experience for many of us. It makes all the time, effort and money very worthwhile – it’s our hobby and passion after all!

Some people spend thousands on their hobbies, so a packet of seeds and a few grow bags is quite a modest investment for a season of pleasure. A greenhouse or polytunnel would be quite nice too – I’d better stop there!

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  1. Digby Hodgson
    | Reply

    You can also talk about tomatoes without being accused of racism or political correctness…..

  2. Harold Develin
    | Reply

    Also why I like to grow tomatoes, all the surplus, and thier is plenty, will be skinned and frozen to use all through the year in sauces, pastas, and in meals instead of opening a tin, and I always have more than eneogh to last the entire year, nuff said.

  3. jess allaway
    | Reply

    Hi Nick,

    Not being much of a sports fan, my tomatoes and other garden crops have been getting even more than their usual share of attention! My greenhouse has become my refuge. I have to be dragged out at dusk!

  4. Mark D
    | Reply

    The phrase “labour of love” comes to mind. Growing plants, for me at least, is a happy and therapeutic experience, and a welcome alternative to the madness of mainstream consumer culture!

  5. Rhys Jaggar
    | Reply

    In a world where control is pernicious, it takes a truly malignant control freak to stop you growing tomatoes.

    You require no one’s permission to do it, require no-one’s approval but your own taste buds and you learn from nature, not from educators with ulterior motives.

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Rhys,
      I couldn’t agree more – there’s nothing like nature and your own personal experience when it comes to learning about growing tomatoes.

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