Tomato varieties may be likened to runners in the Olympic games.

The early varieties are like the sprinters who are the quickest and the first to cross the finishing line. These varieties include Red Alert, Tumbler and Oregon Spring.

Mixed TomatoesThe mid-season varieties are like the middle-distance runners who are longer on the track and need more stamina and tactics too in order to reach the finishing line and not get pipped-at-the-post. In the case of tomatoes, not get struck by blossom end rot just before maturity.
These varieties are Moneymaker, Tumbling Tom and Gardener’s Delight.

Lastly, the late varieties are like the marathon runners. They need endurance, stamina and a strategy to cope with the mile after mile of the physical and mental battle to reach their goal.
These varieties are those that take longest to mature such as Brandywine, Caspian Pink and Mortgage Lifter.

Perhaps the greatest acheivement in tomato growing is the ability to grow late varieties successfully in a short season area.

This is a battle against the weather over a long period, it is the ultimate challenge and the winner receives greatest prize which is to bite into a slice of one of the best tasting tomatoes that money can’t buy.

Remember to take a picture of it first – that’s your gold medal!

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