Three Topical Challenges When Growing Tomatoes

The three biggest challenges at this time of the season are to keep the seedlings and young plants in: Enough light Enough warmth Fed (keeping up their immune system) Enough Light Did you know that seedlings need more hours of … Read More

Tomato Plants and Stress

Tomato plants are very sensitive (a bit like some of us!) and any changes that happen suddenly or conditions that become unfavourable can stress them – and we all know what stress is like! Positive StressThis includes when roots reach … Read More

Condensation and Tomato Plants

High humidity, condensation, cold and damp conditions – nasty! Condensation and tomato plants do not mix well! We look after our plants and give them all the care we can, but when the air is damp and cold for long … Read More

Why Tomatoes Split

The question posed in last week’s newsletter was, “why do tomatoes that are grown outdoors split when it rains?” and it has produced some good comments. To those who have been contacted, you will receive Red Alert (bush) and Stupice … Read More

Tomato Split

We had a downpour of rain yesterday and this is the result – tomato split. Tomatoes splitting is a very common problem that is caused by dry soil getting a good soaking …. usually a downpour of rain! Keeping outdoor … Read More

Tomato Frequently Asked Questions & Common Problems

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, mainly about tomato problems and some of the difficulties faced by gardeners throughout the season. Q. Should I Remove Side Shoots? Side shoots are removed from tall varieties (in photo below) … Read More

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I’ll just take these tomatoes into the kitchen and bag-up a few for the neighbours. By the way, it’s best not to bite into juicy tomatoes wearing a white shirt! Growing tall varieties such as Sungold and Alicante up against … Read More

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