Disease Control for Tomato Plants

There are a number of new products that have recently appeared on the market to control disease. Here are a few that I think are useful for the tomato grower. I haven’t tried them myself, but if they do the … Read More

Fungal Disease on Tomatoes

Fungal disease – tips to help avoid it After the wettest June on record in the UK, helping to prevent fungal disease seems to be among the most useful subjects to discuss at the moment. These diseases may be divided … Read More

Leggy Tomato Plants

Leggy Tomato Plants and how to get them back on their feet! Every year at around this time of the season, I’m stuck with those extra plants that I haven’t room for. They’ve become leggy, are in pots that are … Read More

Grow Bags and Pooling

There is no question that grow bags are extremely useful for growing tomatoes. However, in our efforts to stop moisture evaporating too quickly and grow bags drying out, it is still very important to make sure that we don’t prevent … Read More

Three Stages of Growth In Tomato Plants

The life cycle of a tomato plant may be divided into three stages of growth The Leaf The Flower The Fruit Growing tomatoes successfully is all about understanding what tomato plants like at the different stages of their growth. Also, … Read More

Foliar Feeding Tomato Plants and Blossom End Rot

Foliar Feeding and Blossom End Rot in TomatoesThere are a number of benefits to feeding plants through the leaves, but perhaps the biggest advantage is being able to separate the nutrients that compete with each other. For example, tomato food … Read More

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