Grow Bag Pots
Better Results with Grow Bag Pots

Grow bag pots are one of the best ways to enhance the growing capability of a grow bag.

The idea is that tomato plants receive water plus food poured into the inner ring, and receive plain water poured into the outer ring. This growing method is sometimes called ring culture.

The fine roots around the plant’s stem in the inner ring absorb the nutrients, and the longer roots and tap roots absorb the water that has been poured into the outer ring and into the larger grow bag area.

The benefits of having two separate compartments

  • Targets food to fine roots which gives better growth.
  • Prevents nutrients being washed away when plants are watered near stem.
  • Food is always available to the plant.
  • Helps prevent fungal and root disease by keeping stem area dryer.
  • Increases the total growing area of a grow bag.
  • Grow bag pots also help prevent slugs and other critters from getting to the tomatoes.

Grow Bag Rings for Tall Varieties

Grow bags are a great way to grow tall tomato varieties and by using these tomato growing rings, will increase the health, rate of growth, the taste and amount of tomatoes that you’ll receive!

Grow Bag Pots in Grow Bags - feeding and watering tomatoes in rings.
Growing Tomatoes in Grow Pots – in Grow Bags – AKA Ring Culture!

Here is one of the cheapest prices on the Internet for buying grow bag pots for growing tomatoes using ring culture.

Please note that tomato plants are usually transferred to grow bags – their final position – when they have just started to flower. This rule isn’t written in stone, but it does help prevent plants from becoming too bushy.

Also, plants shouldn’t be fed tomato food until they begin to fruit – until they show small pea-like green tomatoes when the flowers die away.

A set of grow bag pots will last a number of seasons and repay their initial expense many times over with lots of good quality and fabulous tasting fruit.

11 Responses

  1. Pip Hutchings
    | Reply

    What size grow bag is recommended if using 3 pots?

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Minimum 30 litre but the bigger the better.

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Can anyone tell me how to source these in Canada?

  3. Phil
    | Reply

    Can I not just use a large flower pot with the bottom cut off?

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Phil,
      That’s true, but you would need to water around the pot and remove and replace the plastic which is stopping the bag from drying out too quickly. Sinking empty pots into the grow bag is an option for watering, but not as good as targeted to the roots as a grow bag pot.

    • Anonymous
      | Reply


  4. Terry
    | Reply

    Hi Nick,
    I have just purchased 2 sets of pots as they sound like a great idea and a great price to, do you think they could be used for other veg?

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Terry,
      I’m sure about that – peppers and aubergines would do well in grow pots.

  5. Keith
    | Reply

    Just bought 6 pots.Got them from the site you recommended.Looking forward to a bumper crop

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Keith,
      Grow pots are a great way to make the most of a grow bag – or two!

  6. David
    | Reply

    Hi Nick,
    I read about these pots for growbags last year & thought at the time they might be a good idea. I’ve placed an order for a set of three. I’ll let you know later in the year how I get on with them.

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