A Tomato Growing ebook that turns the “technical” into “practical” tips for your best season ever!

When I first began growing tomatoes I was bugged by some of the tips I received, for example – why does keeping the soil moist avoid Blossom End Rot?

Over the years I have made it my business to find out and explain the reasons behind why things happen – rather than just hand out advice.

This ebook explains the “how” and the “why”.

  • How can I avoid Blossom End Rot this season?
  • Why aren’t my plants growing at the rate they should be?
  • Why are my plants taking so long to flower or fruit?
  • How do I know which nutrient deficiency they have?
  • Why opening the greenhouse windows helps avoid BER!

This ebook is aimed at getting better results. It includes plenty of practical tips and suggestions for the quickest growth and best tomato crop this season!

This ebook provides “the knowledge” every tomato grower needs to be able to avoid problems, deal with difficult growing conditions and get the very best from his or her tomato plants – resulting in a great crop!

Covers a brief introduction to the way plants grow and how we can get the best results this season.

Don’t let the technical terms put you off – they are explained and will provide the knowledge that will give great results – and this can be applied to growing other plants too!

At just £3.99 as a PDF download (to read on the computer), this information turns the technical into practical tips and will help you produce the best tomatoes possible, season after season!

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