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It is thought that the tomato plant, which is a fruit, originated from the highlands of Peru.

There are basically two types of tomato plant, bush tomato plants which are also called determinate and tall plants that are called indeterminate or cordon.

Medium size tomatoes are also called salad tomatoes, large size are called beefsteak and small are known as cherry size.

Because tomatoes are sub-tropical and require mild growing conditions, there isn’t enough time to grow more than around 4 or 5 trusses, when growing outdoors (in the UK that is).

Nitrogen is used for leaf growth and Potassium – often called potash, is used to promote fruit growth.

It is easy to kill tomato plants with kindness, too much food may cause root burn owing to chemical build-up in the soil.

Tomato plants are best grown in pots and new compost to protect them from all the bugs and diseases in garden soil. One way to grow tomatoes is by using grow bags placed around the garden on top of the border soil beneath.

Bush, cherry tomatoes are best grown in containers to trail over the sides so that the fruit is kept off the ground. Tall varieties are best grown in grow bags and need support.

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