Last Newsletter Of The Season

Another season comes to a close with mixed results.
Some of us have had an excellent season, while those living in northerly parts got off to a poor start because of the weather and in some cases never fully recovered!

Green Tomatoes
I’m sure there are still plenty of green tomatoes to pick (hopefully lots of ripe ones too!) – if you need a few tips to help ripen them, please go here.

Crimson Crush has been a great success on its launch this season – the last plant standing in many gardens and allotments where blight has been a problem. If you regularly suffer from blight, I highly recommend it.

Looking forward to next season, there are three tips that are the foundations of tomato growing.

Don’t sow too early – it’s easier to grow healthy plants when days are longer.

Using a reservoir or valve method of watering helps avoid Blossom End Rot and produces very good results – better than a grow bag with grow pots.

Growing Under Cover
Wet leaves for extended periods will cause all sorts of problems including blight – while some varieties are best grown outdoors, it’s good to grow under cover too.

Large Tomatoes
If you enjoy growing larger tomatoes Crimson Crush would be my number one choice, especially if you grow outside.

Of course, if all else fails, one option is to buy small plants from the garden centre in April and get off to a flying start!

Sweet Aperitif - sweet by name, sweet by nature!
Sweet Aperitif – sweet by name, sweet by nature!

Sweet Aperitif has been very popular this season and does very well under cover.

The tomato plant in this photo produced hundreds of very sweet cherry tomatoes. Slightly smaller than Gardener’s Delight but still a good size.

Whatever varieties you choose to grow next season, I hope that the Newsletter has been helpful and I wish you all the best for 2016!


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  1. Nick

    Hi Rob, I’m pleased you enjoyed the Newsletters – lets’ hope next season is a good one!

  2. Nick

    Cheers, Chris, I’m pleased you have found them helpful!

  3. Nick

    Hi Valerie, great minds think alike – we had a similar SIP in the members area this season – the bucket method is probably the best value SIP for growing tomatoes I know of.

  4. Nick

    Hi Richard, sounds like you had a very good season … there is always something that can go better!

  5. Nick

    Hi Terry, thanks for your comment – good to hear you had good crops this year – the guitar is now out of its case!

  6. bill

    thanks for all your advice bill

    • Nick

      Hi Bill, you are welcome!