The Limiting Factor In Tomato Plants

Tomato plants need water, light, the right temperatures and nutrients (such as tomato food) for good growth. If one of these is in short supply – the limiting factor – the factor that restricts growth. For example, it doesn’t matter … Read More

Photosynthesis and Tomato Plants

PhotosynthesisIn a previous article I talked about air movement for transpiration, reducing condensation and helping to prevent diseases. In this article I want to mention the importance of reflected light and air movement for photosynthesis in tomato pants. We touched … Read More

Osmosis in Tomato Plants

At its simplest, osmosis in tomato plants is the movement of water into a plant through its roots. This is done when water molecules move from areas where water concentration is high, to areas where water concentration is low. This happens … Read More

Transpiration and Tomato Plants

Transpiration and tomato plants – Tomato Plants Perspire! As water vapour is lost from the leaves, water is replaced through the roots.     Without this loss and replacement process, plants wouldn’t be able to absorb the nutrients they need, … Read More

Respiration and Tomato Plants

Respiration and Tomato PlantsIt is useful to understand respiration because by creating the right conditions, plants grow faster, produce more tomatoes and are healthier. So what is respiration? It is a process that happens when plants combine the sugars they … Read More

Nutrient Mobility in Tomato Plants

How to tell which nutrient a plant needs by understanding and observing nutrient mobility in tomato plants. Nutrient Mobility and Tomato Plants Some nutrients are considered mobile and some immobile.Nitrogen, for example, moves around a plant’s system quickly – because … Read More

Hormones and Tomato Plants

Plant Hormones and Tomato Plants Hormones coordinate growth. They send a message from one part of a plant to another, to tell cells to do something. For example, a seedling leans towards the light. This happens because the hormone auxin … Read More

Leaf Stomata and Tomato Plants

Leaf stomata and tomato plantsPlants are like humans in as much that they have pores.In plants the pores are called stomata and are mainly on the underside of leaves.The stomata are used to release water vapour. As water is lost … Read More

Technical Stuff About Tomatoes

This page is for all those who, like me, want to know a bit more about what makes tomato plants grow. I’ve also included some advanced tips that aren’t essential for success, but are helpful to maximize the health, growing … Read More

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