April – Last Chance for Sowing Tomato Seeds

April is the Last Chance for Sowing Tomato SeedsIf you haven’t already sown your first batch of seeds, now is the time. April is a good month to sow because the weather is more favorable than earlier in the spring. … Read More

Why Tomato Seedlings Become Leggy

Why Tomato Seedlings Become LeggyOne of the problems with growing tomato plants at this time of the season, when light levels are usually low, is that plants grow too high, too soon, searching for light and become spindly or leggy. … Read More

Sow, Sow, Quick Quick Sow Tomato Seed!

There is such a small window of opportunity in which to sow tomato seeds for outdoor growing in the region where I live, that when the time comes, I can’t get them in the seed compost fast enough! It’s so … Read More

Watering Tomato Seedlings

Tips for watering tomato seedlings I should call this article “It’s difficult being a tomato seedling” or “how to kill your seedlings with kindness!” It has just poked its head above soil only to find that there is very little … Read More

Tomato Seeds to Tomato Seedlings

Seeds to SeedlingsI like to sow my seeds in weekly intervals.This means that I can deal with just a few at a time – whether its germinating, transplanting or potting on. It also means that for bush varieties, where tomatoes … Read More

LED Grow Lights Review

LED Grow Lights Review I was very interested to learn that plants only need to absorb red and blue light to grow successfully. The reason why their leaves are green is because green is the colour of the spectrum they … Read More

Propagators – Review

The Pro’s and Con’s of a Propagator Germinating seeds into seedlings is the first step in the process of growing tomatoes, but do I really need a propagator to get the best results? Pro’s Propagators retain humidity inside the lid … Read More

Sow Far Sow Good – Tomatoes Making Progress

Plants Making ProgressIt is amazing how quickly tomato plants grow, the thing is, you don’t realise just how much when you see them everyday. It is only when their growth is recorded on a weekly basis that you realise just … Read More

Tomato Seedlings at Four Weeks

Sow-a-long UpdateIt’s been four weeks since the “sow a long” seeds were sown and the seedlings are coming along just fine. All five Tumbling Toms are now in their own 3 inch pots and have been given their first feed. … Read More

Ready Steady Sow!

The “sow-a-long” starts today so I hope you will join me and sow a few tomato seeds this weekend! If you don’t have the time right now, you can sow anytime up to the end of April and expect to … Read More

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