Using Old Compost for Tomatoes

It’s a busy time of the season when there are a lot of tomato plants to pot into their final position. It’s also expensive if there are so many large pots to fill with new compost. so using old compost … Read More

Compost for Tomatoes

You say “tomato” I say “tomato”. There are confusions in many areas of life and tomato growing isn’t free from them. One of which is the meaning of compost for tomatoes. Basically there are two types of compost: Multi-purpose compost … Read More

Soil for Tomatoes

I often mention about keeping the soil for tomatoes well aerated and using foliar feeds (combined with root feeds) to prevent overloading the soil with minerals. However, there is a little more that needs to happen in order to create … Read More

Why We Use Fresh Soil

Old soil often contains microscopic worms called Nematodes which can clog-up a plant’s plumbing system. The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view – but you’ve got droopy leaves! You give your … Read More

Potting Compost for Tomatoes

In this newsletter, we’ll discuss various types of potting compost for tomatoes and whether or not to feed seedlings. How not to kill our seedlings and plants with kindness! Compost – the earth in bags from the garden centre! Where … Read More