The first truly blight resistant variety for the home grower

Crimson Crush tomato seeds are the answer to the outdoor grower’s prayer!

This variety is perfect for those who enjoy growing larger tomatoes – especially for the outdoor grower and the allotment grower who suffer from blight on a regular basis.

It’s not just blight resistant – it is a large variety with a very good yield and an excellent taste!

Available as seeds from Suttons Seeds, a good choice considering the possibility of a wet summer ahead.

Crimson Crush Tomato Seeds
Crimson Crush (left) – the only one left standing in a wet Summer!

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We’ve had blight tolerant varieties before, such as Legend and Ferline. However, anyone who has grown them will know that the most they can do is delay blight for a few days. Crimson Crush is different!

As well as the ability to resist the worst blight, Crimson Crush provides high yields of great tasting tomatoes weighing up to 200g.

Crimson Crush - Blight Buster
Beefsteak – Great Taste – Blight Free


If you enjoy growing large varieties that have an excellent taste, Crimson Crush is the number one choice – bred for outdoor growing, it’s the tomato that everyone should be sowing this spring – if you grow outdoors, it’s the only large beefsteak variety that you need.

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We’ve just finished the 2017 tomato growing season, unfortunately August was wetter than normal and many gardeners who grow their tomatoes outside were affect with blight. As you see from the photos above, Crimson Crush tomatoes are not only able to stand up to wet periods but produce an amazing amount of large sweet tasting fruit.

The reviews of this variety all say that Crimson Crush is a winner and it is fast becoming a favourite for taste and yield as well as having the ability to remain blight free in a wet tomato growing season.

Sowing Crimson Crush Tomato Seeds will be the best way to ensure a great crop in 2018!

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