Thank you to all those who bought my “pot ready tomato plants” this week.
The Red Alert plants are now sold out, but I do have Tumbling Tom Yellow and Black Cherry plants still available if anyone is interested.

Tumbling Tom Yellow

I saved the seeds from this Tumbling Tom last season!

Keeping the plants under-watered and as dry as possible is the key to getting through this poor weather period.

Remember … “aeration not condensation” is a good policy when plants are bunched-up against the window! If you are like me – you have too many plants and not enough windows!

Later in the season we’ll be removing lower leaves from both tall and bush varieties in an effort to keep the air flowing around the base of our plants and the bugs and fungal infections away.

I’m looking forward to giving the plants a good watering and feeding – when light levels and temperatures are higher of course. Until then I’ll just keep reading about tomato growing (mmm … I wish I’d sown that variety this season!).

Update: Looks like it may be a sunny day today – it’s 7.30pm Saturday morning and the sun is shining here in Birmingham!

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  1. Mark
    | Reply

    I have put the Greenhouse heater back on. No sun in Essex……. :o(

  2. allan
    | Reply

    lucky you
    we got up this morning and it has started snowing great scottish weather where is this spring or summer

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi Allan,
      Today is the best day we’ve had for a while here in Birmingham – chilly but bright. At least it’s beginning to warm up a little in the polytunnel!

  3. David
    | Reply

    Hi Nick,
    Due to the heavy rain and no sunshine I have many tomatoe plants that are sitting in pots of drenched compost with no sunshine to dry them out. Do I repot them, leave them alone and worry or is there an alternative? Thanks David

    • Nick
      | Reply

      Hi David,
      That’s a difficult one and depends on the size of the pots too.
      If you could find some way of drying them in a warmer atmosphere – a porch or kitchen, that would help.
      If the soil they are in is sodden with no air and they are in small pots, I would seriously consider re-potting them.

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