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Newsletters 2011


Plotting for Success – 4th Feb. Getting Started
Sterilisation Tips
Compost & Pots
Varieties for Success
Determinate – Indeterminate
A Variety of Varieties – 11th Feb. Heirloom & Open Pollinated
F1 Hybrids
Advantages of Hybrids
Reliable Varieties
Varieties are Sometimes Regional
Make Mine a Large One! – 18th Feb. Recommended Large Varieties
Tomato Taste
Why Too Much Water Affects Taste
One Lump or Two?
Where There’s Muck There’s Brass – 25th Feb. John Innes Compost
Multi-Purpose Compost
Feeding Seedlings
Ready, Steady, Sow! – 4th March Sow a Few Seeds this Weekend!
Terms, Glossary and Tomato Jargon
First Past the Post – 11th March Latah – The Race Is On!
Early Varieties
Advantage of Sowing Late
It’s In The Name
Tomato Plants are Like People – 18th March When It’s too Sunny and Hot
When It’s Too Cold and Wet
Tomato Seeds – Service and Value
Breed Your Own Variety – What Would You Name It?
A Leaf out of the Hydroponic Book – 25th March Growing Without Soil
Aeration – (did I mention that plant roots need air?)
Nutrients – Feeding
Tomato Seedlings at Four Weeks – 1st April Sow-a-long Update
Why Tomato Seedlings become leggy
April is the Last Chance for SowingTomato Plug Plants – Pot Ready Plants
Going Potty! – 8th April Potting-on
Why we use different pot sizes as tomato plants grow.
Sow-a-long Update
Too much sun causes wilting in young plants
Alice, Brian, Charlie, Daisy and Eric! – 15th April Pot Sizes
Sow-a-Long Time-Line
Three Stages of Growth
Tips for Easter Week – 22nd April Garden fleece for cold and hot weather.
Happy Easter!
Sow Far Sow Good – 29th April Plants Make Progress
Prevention rather than cure – Avoiding problems before they happen!
Keeping plants in top condition
Going Out Soon – 6th May Tall Varieties
Hardening Off
Garden Fleece
Grow Pots
British Tomato Week – 13th May British Tomato Week
Home-Grown Advantage
The Sow-a-long
Slow and Quick Movers!
Tumbling Tom Tomatoes Feeding Plan – 20th May Wet Leaves, Wet Soil, Cold Night!
Removing Lower Leaves
Preparing Hanging Baskets
Feeding Plan
Tumbling Tom Final Position – 27th May It’s Not Always Good Being a Famous Tomato Plant!
This Week’s Leaf Problem
Small or Large?  Both is Good!
A Sucker Saves The Day! – 3rd June Advanced Pruning Technique
Flower/Fruit Set & Pollination
Five Tumbling Tom Update
Leaf Curl
Tending The Tomatoes – 10th June Tidying The Toms
Removing Leaf Branches
Curly Top Leaves
Five Toms Update
Good Vibrations – 17th June Help with Pollinating Flowers
This Week’s Leaf Problem – Sun Scorch
The Story Behind Mortgage Lifter
Red Alert – 24th June Holiday Watering System
Red Alert – In The Lead
Why Are My Beefsteakes a Funny Shape?
Topical Tips – 1st July Taking Tomato Cuttings
Tips For This Time Of The Season
More Tomato Tips – 8th July More Tomato Tips
Stupice and Latah overtake Red Alert
Foliar Feeding
First Generation – 15th July Seed Reliability
F1 to F6
Update on Tumbling Toms
Saving Tomato Seeds – 22nd July Saving Seeds
Pollination Problems
Cuttings Set Fruit Before Planting
Growing Tips July – 29th July How do your leaves look?
Avoid watery tasting tomatoes
Premature ripening
August Newsletter 1 – 5th August Tomato Split
A Few Observations
Premature ripening
August Newsletter 2 – 12th August Rain water
Ghost Spot
Slugs and Snails
Trusses and Clusters
August Newsletter 3 – 19th August August Jobs
Encouraging Toms to Ripen
Tidy up plant leaves
Is it really in bad taste?
August Newsletter 4 – 26th August A Room Full of Tomato Growers
You Like Tomato
I Like Tomato!
The Biggest Challenge
2nd September
More Food
Large Varieties
Sowing Early
Growing Tomatoes In Short Season Areas
9th September
Choosing The Right Varieties
Keeping Plants In Top Condition
Aeration – Airflow
On A Curious Note
16th September
Diagnosing Problems
All Shapes and Sizes
Tomatoes Split!
Why Tomatoes Split
23th September
Tomato Plants are Similar to Humans – in Some Ways!
Last of the Summer Tomatoes
30th September
Helping Fruit to Mature
The Last Newsletter of the Season

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