This week I’d like to take you on a quick trip around my tomato polytunnel which shows many of the tomato varieties I’m growing and the pots and containers I use to grow them in.

Here’s a video that shows many of the varieties I’m growing and the containers I’m using.

The big bag displaying “ANT IT” at the beginning of the video is “plant it” perlite … I don’t have an ant problem – not yet anyway!

The tall varieties, mainly on the right, will need their lower branches removed soon to create more air movement around the base of their stems to prevent fungal diseases and aphids from getting established.

The pots on the left of the polytunnel are in “holiday position” and are normally spaced farther apart – as they get bigger they’ll need more space.

Stressed Leaves
Many tomato varieties are struggling with wide temperature changes. The cold Spring we had followed by the hot period that most of us have in the UK right now has stressed plants making their leaves curl. New growth may also have smaller leaves owing to the hot sun.

If your plants are looking stressed, a sun shade of garden fleece is useful and a regular misting with water (if not in direct sunlight) also helps.

It’s best not to over feed in hot weather – plants need moisture rather than a heavy meal.

Think of it this way … plants take water and nutrients at the same time – if they get really thirsty, they have to absorb a lot of food too!

If you would like to make a comment or pass on any useful tips, please do so below.

I hope your plants are looking really good!