This week’s newsletter is an update on the tomato varieties growing in my polytunnel.

The weather has been reasonable and almost all the plants are in flower and many have started to set fruit.

It’s good to see a few bees in the garden too (at last!), but they do panic when they realise they can’t get out through the roof, so a net is useful.

White Plastic Surface
The white plastic is proving its worth with lots of reflected light around encouraging plenty of flowers.

YoYo Plant Supports
The yoyo plant supports have made the job of tying-up the plants much quicker and easier.

I’ve started de-leafing by removing the lowest branch or two of each tall variety. The extra air circulation helps prevent fungal diseases.

Weekly Foliar Spraying
Spraying weekly with magnesium and seaweed extract – the magnesium is much needed by plants at this time of the season and helps keep leaves a darker green. The seaweed extract is high in potassium and ideal to encourage flowering.

Avoid Blossom End Rot
When the medium and large fruiting varieties begin to set fruit, I’ll spray weekly with calcium. This could be Chempak Calcium or even a 50/50 mix of water and semi-skimmed milk!

I hope you are enjoying good weather in your part of the world and your tomato plants are fit and healthy!