Polytunnels for Growing Tomatoes

Best Polytunnels for Growing Tomatoes

There are three main benefits that polytunnels provide …

Polytunnels for Growing Tomatoes
Imagine the tomatoes you could grow in this!
  • They extend the growing season at both ends keeping temperatures higher at the early and late parts of the season.
  • They provide cover from the rain and help avoid blight!
  • Polytunnels are a less expensive option than a greenhouse.

Having grown tomatoes in both a polytunnel and greenhouse, the polytunnel is by far the best value for money.

Polytunnel Tips

The Right Frame
It’s best to buy a polytunnel with a galvanised frame – the less expensive thinner frames won’t last very long.

Polytunnel Covers
Covers are an issue and will need replacing every few seasons or so.
Buy a good quality cover when replacing the original as this will last a lot longer and be better value in the long run.

Extra Support
In stormy weather a few precautions are a good idea.
You can buy bracing for extra frame strength but guy ropes similar to the ones used to secure a tent can also be very helpful.

Inside Tomato Polytunnel

Use of Reflected Light
One thing I always do is to lay white plastic over the floor – a kind of tarpaulin. This reflects a lot of light upwards and increases growth considerably. Of course it will need a wipe over now and again!

The photo right shows the tomatoes growing in Easy2Grow AutoPots. A Quadgrow Planter is farther down on the right.

To get a good harvest, and the maximum amount of fruit, it is best to grow under cover in a polytunnel or greenhouse.

When it comes to getting the best value and size, when comparing a greenhouse to a polytunnel, the polytunnel is a lot less expensive.

For a wide selection of good value polytunnels take a look here. Remember to look for ones with a galvanised frame.