Holiday Watering Systems

If there is one thing that can spoil a holiday, apart from the weather, it’s worrying about watering the tomatoes. So here are a few ideas for holiday watering systems. Taps and tubingWatering timers work well but they can be … Read More

How To Water and Feed Tomatoes in Containers

It’s May at last and at the end of this month, plants can stay outdoors – frost free. Before they reach their final home, it’s worth considering how we are going to water and feed tomatoes in containers. Some of … Read More

Tomato Grow Bags Watered

[ezcol_3quarter id=”” class=”” style=””] In this week’s newsletter – a few tips on how to keep your grow bags watered. Also, how leaves are able to absorb, release and protect themselves from water loss. Finally, a few tips about foliar … Read More

Water, Rain and Tomato Plants

A quick surf around the tomato websites on the internet may lead people to believe: Tomato plants love lots of water Tomato plants love the rain In some ways these two statements are both related and partly true. Too Much … Read More

Holiday Watering System for Tomatoes

For those who are lucky enough to have a holiday of course, here is a way of making a holiday watering system for tomatoes. Being away from home, and away from your precious plants can be a worrying time. Did … Read More

Watering Tomato Seedlings

Tips for watering tomato seedlings I should call this article “It’s difficult being a tomato seedling” or “how to kill your seedlings with kindness!” It has just poked its head above soil only to find that there is very little … Read More

Rainwater and Tomato Plants

Tomatoes like Rainwater When temperatures are reasonably warm a drop of rain can be very useful. Firstly, it saves you having to water your outdoor tomato plants, and secondly, it wets the compost or soil gradually, allowing a more thorough … Read More

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