Grafted Tomato Plants

I love visiting garden centres at this time of the season and checking out the tomato seedlings on sale especially the grafted tomato plants. Grafted plants are becoming very popular with the advantage of being able to grow a red … Read More

As Old As The Hills

I love to read the descriptions of tomato varieties in the seed catalogues and brochures. The term “as old as the hills” is sometimes used to describe Moneymaker (left). About twenty or thirty years ago, if you mentioned growing your … Read More

Tomato Windowsill Varieties

Each season I grow two windowsill varieties in the porch – this season it’s Sweet ‘n’ Neat yellow and Red Robin. It’s great to show tomatoes growing to visitors who call in – even the tropical fish in the tank … Read More

Grafted Tomato Plants

A few weeks ago we looked at the technique of grafting rootstock onto regular varieties. This is done to give the fruiting plant more vigour, more disease resistance and more tomatoes. This video explains it very well. There are many … Read More

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