Cuttings from Tomato Plants

The great thing about taking cuttings from tomato plants is that you can easily increase the amount of plants you have, and of course, the amount of tomatoes you’ll get! It’s also very easy to do. Just remove a side … Read More

Tomato Plants

Thanks for buying the tomato plants … I sent them first class this morning and I’ve made a short video to show you what to do next. Sorry about the low sound volume! When they arrive, they will probably look … Read More

Pot Ready Tomato Plants

I recently bought a few of the new “Root It” sponges which are highly recommended for seeds and cuttings. I gave them a try and was very impressed. After a week or so, roots were growing out of the sides … Read More

Tomato Plant Roots

Tomato plant roots have a great sense of touch and it is this sense of touch that tells them to “get on with it!” When their roots reach the sides of a small pot, it triggers the plant into quicker … Read More

Hardening Off Tomato Plants

If you are like me, you have a house full of plants in the spring and can’t wait for the weather to improve enough for them to go out into the greenhouse or polytunnel, or outside in the garden. By … Read More

Grafted Tomato Plants

A few weeks ago we looked at the technique of grafting rootstock onto regular varieties. This is done to give the fruiting plant more vigour, more disease resistance and more tomatoes. This video explains it very well. There are many … Read More

Tomato Plants and Stress

Tomato plants are very sensitive (a bit like some of us!) and any changes that happen suddenly or conditions that become unfavourable can stress them – and we all know what stress is like! Positive StressThis includes when roots reach … Read More

Roots Need Air

One of the benefits of hydroponic growing is that roots have access to air – oxygen to be precise – and lots of it! Have you ever bought seed compost that has turned into blocks of mud when watered? … … Read More

Transplanting Tomatoes and Pot Sizes

Transplanting Tomatoes and Pot Sizes It is common practice to transplant seedlings into 7,6cm or 3inch pots for their first home. This is fine for a few weeks (depending on temperatures and light levels) but they will most likely need … Read More

Tomato Growing Temperatures

Tomato Growing Temperatures – The High’s and Low’s of Tomato Growing! We all know that tomato plants need to be kept warm to grow successfully and that they like lots of light. However, keeping them at an ideal temperature is … Read More

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