Tomato Plants in Hot Weather

It’s been a warm week for many of us in the UK and a quick look around the plants in my polytunnel shows that some tomato varieties cope better with the heat than others. With the prospect of more warm … Read More

Tomato Plants with Yellow Leaves

When temperatures are low and condensation or humidity is high, plants are at their most vulnerable to disease. Tomato plants with yellow leaves are common at this time of the season because of low temperatures and high demand for nutrients. … Read More

Grafted Tomato Plants

I love visiting garden centres at this time of the season and checking out the tomato seedlings on sale especially the grafted tomato plants. Grafted plants are becoming very popular with the advantage of being able to grow a red … Read More

Transpiration and Tomato Plants

Transpiration and tomato plants – Tomato Plants Perspire! As water vapour is lost from the leaves, water is replaced through the roots.     Without this loss and replacement process, plants wouldn’t be able to absorb the nutrients they need, … Read More

De-Leafing Tomato Plants

Removing leaf branches or de-leafing tomato plants usually begins when the lowest leaves begin to turn yellow. Yellow leaves around the base of a plant are very common and it’s caused by plants sending their nutrients to the upper leaves … Read More

Tomato Plants and pH

The pH of soil and water is a measure of the amount of acid or alkaline they contain. It ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. A pH below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. Nutrient … Read More

Double Stem Technique for Tomatoes

The double stem technique for growing tall tomato varieties is when a side shoot is allowed to grow (on a cordon/indeterminate variety) and become a second main stem. This has the advantage of growing more trusses and at a lower … Read More

Three Stages of Growth In Tomato Plants

The life cycle of a tomato plant may be divided into three stages of growth The Leaf The Flower The Fruit Growing tomatoes successfully is all about understanding what tomato plants like at the different stages of their growth. Also, … Read More

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