Nutrient Strength for Tomatoes

Owing to the amazing weather we’ve had over the past few months in the UK, many of the problems we now experience as tomato growers are physiological, caused by high temperatures and hot sun, rather than caused by diseases. Physiological … Read More

Tomato Booster – Feeding Tomatoes

Most of my tall varieties have now reached the polytunnel roof, so it’s time to begin removing the growing tips. Pruning The last couple of weeks I’ve mention about pruning and how it can be used to encourage plants from … Read More

Foliar Feeding Tips

A water sprayer is very useful for all sorts of jobs including reviving plants that are wilting in hot weather, misting flowers in dry conditions to help them set and spraying to prevent disease. However, I mostly use my sprayer … Read More

How To Water and Feed Tomatoes in Containers

It’s May at last and at the end of this month, plants can stay outdoors – frost free. Before they reach their final home, it’s worth considering how we are going to water and feed tomatoes in containers. Some of … Read More

Over-Feeding Tomato Plants

Anyone who has been reading these newsletters for a while, will be fully aware of the issues concerning over-feeding tomato plants. However, I think it’s useful to go through some of the points again for those who have recently joined … Read More

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