A selection of useful gardening supplies that make great gifts for gardeners and for you!


Rootit Windowsill Propagator

This propagation kit uses biodegradable sponges that give extra air and the right amount of moisture for germination and seedling root growth.

Gifts for Gardeners
Ideal for starting tomatoes, peppers and other similar plants.

The seedlings are kept in the sponges and planted on as roots grow.

Great for germinating seeds and can also be used for cuttings.

Comaes with a sachet of seedling feed and rooting gel for cuttings.

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Rootit First Feed

The perfect first feed for seedlings that are grown in sponges, jiffy pellet, perlite/vermiculite and soil too.

Rootit First Feed



This is one of the best feeds for young seedlings and contains the nutrients necessary for young growth.

Tomato plants for example, require nutrients in different amounts, depending on their stage of growth, throughout their growing cycle.

First Feed encourages fast and healthy root growth.

It boosts resistance to disease and improves overall health in plants – it’s a bit like chicken soup for plants and acts as a pick-me-up for run-down plants at every stage of growth!

Includes a free booklet for tips on how to grow from seed. Buy Here




Jiffy Propagator

This jiffy propagator includes tray, lid and 36 soil pellets.

This is a quick and easy method to sow tomato seeds and the great thing about the pellets is that they won’t create a mess!

Hydrate the pellets as you sow, rather than hydrate them all at the same time.

There are cheaper options available in DIY and discount stores but this is a quality item!   Click Here To Go To Amazon.


led-grow-light-for-tomato-growingLED Grow Light

Ideal for starting earlier in the season and preventing leggy seedlings.

Plants need light from the blue and red spectrum. So by using LED grow lights of these colours, we can give our seedlings exactly what they need and extend the daylight hours of early spring.

Getting off to an early start can mean an earlier crop of tomatoes, so it is well worth it and a lot of fun too!

For more information about LED Grow Lights Click Here.




Air PotsAir Pots – Superoot – Root Pruning Plant Pots – Increased Growth from a smaller pot 6 Litre Air Pot

The Litre air pot is great for smaller tomato plants such as Dwarf Varieties and smaller Tuumbler types.

For growing tall tomato varieties I would recommend a 10, 12 or 15 litre pot.

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If you would like to know more about growing tomatoes using air pots, there is a lot of information on the Tomato Growing website.



Dirt potFabric Dirt Pots

This has a similar effect of letting plenty of air into the root area of a growing plant.

Fantastic for growing tomatoes and other precious crops.

The material is a lot stronger than you might think and reusable over a number of seasons.

An 11 litre pot is fine for growing most tomato varieties but for growing large tomatoes, the 5 gallon (17 litre) is probably better.

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Cherry Tomato Sweet AperitifBuy Tomato Seeds

from Suttons Seeds

A very good range of popular tomato varieties.

Tips: avoid Indigo Rose and buy Gardener’s Delight instead!

In the UK, cherry tomatoes are always the most likely varieties to succeed in a poor summer.

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Quadgrow PlanterQuadgrow Planter Review

Check out the review of this reservoir system and find out more about its features and benefits.

This is a step up from pots and grow bags towards a more professional method of growing tomatoes.

Quadgrow Planter Review and Discount Here.



Grow Bag Pots
Grow Bag Pots – AKA Ring Culture

This is a great way to optimise grow bags. The outer ring is for water only and the inner circle is for water and nutrients combined.

This means that every time we water our plants in the outer ring, we won’t wash away the nutrients from around the fine roots at the base of the stem.

Tomato plants then have access to both water and nutrients as necessary.

More about the benefits of Grow Bag Pots here.