Gardening Courses

If you’ve ever considered studying vegetable growing, or one of the many other online gardening courses available from “My Garden School”, the opportunity is now here!

Gardening Courses Online

Each course is led by an expert and covers the course contents with weekly video tutorials plus weekly assignments and course notes available to download.

Gardening Courses

Alex Mitchell’s four week grow your own vegetables course looks a great place to start. Check out the video below …

This particular course is a straightforward, down to earth study course that is full of tasty tips and advice.

“Edible Gardening Made Easy” takes the guesswork out of growing your own vegetables. Whether you have a large garden or just a little patio, it will help you to grow more crops than you could ever imagine.

This is just one of the many gardening courses available at My Garden School, so whatever gardening subject you may be interested in, there’s probably a course for you!